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by Jonathan Elwell

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Contemporary Front Door Styles

We can make any style of contemporary door from a wide range of woods, more pictures will be added very soon.
The most popular contemporary doors by far are the horizontal boarded doors. There are two main types of horizontal boarded
doors with variations from each. The two types (horizontal boarded door and framed horizontal boarded door) are shown below.

Many other designs are available please ask

contemporary doors enquiry

Contemporary Double Doors -Click here or on the double doors to see more

contemporary double doors

Horizontal Boarded (HB) Door
The boards run straight across the whole width of the door

contemporary door horizontal boarded

Contemporary Doors VB
The boards run straight down the whole length of the door

vertical boarded contemporary door

Framed Horizontal Boarded (FHB) Door
The horizontal boards are fitted between two vertical stiles

contemporary door framed horizontal boarded

Contemporary Doors 3 Glazed Panes
Framed horizontal doors with glazed panes

3 pane contemporary door


HB Door Centre Vision 2 sidelights
contemporary door antisun sidelights
FHB Door Left Vision
contemporary front doors
HB Door 1 sidelight left
contemporary door 6
FHB Door 3 Pane
contemporary 3 pane door
HB Door 1 sidelight right
contemporary front doors
Vertical 2 Pane door
contemporary 2 panel door
FHB Door Left Vision 2 sidelights
contemporary door antisun sidelights
HB Door Centre Vision
1 sidelight right

contemporary door 84
FHB Door Centre Vision and Frame
Within Aluminium Frame

iroko door aluminium sidelights
HB Door and Frame

contemporary door all wood
Herringbone Door and Frame

herringbone style door
3 Panel Door 49

contemporary 3 panel door 49
contemporary door glazed sidelights and top windows

contemporary doors enquiry

f you see something you like that isn't in our website please feel free to email a picture
along with the sizes and type of wood you require and we'll work out a price for you.

All our doors are made in our own workshop by our skilled carpenters so anything is possible just ask.