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Here are some frequently asked questions you are always welcome to send an email or give us a call for more information.

Q Do you have a showroom - click here Showroom

As we supply our products across the whole of the U.K. we realise it may not be possible for you to visit us. If this is the case and you would like to view our products before placing and order, give us a call and we'll see if we can send you to any recently completed projects in your area or even better you could meet up with the fitters when they're fitting a job near you.

Q How do I place an order?
If you are close enough to pay us a visit you can order in person. Alternatively you can call us 01352 711766 or email us with your requirements. More info on placing an order

Q What is the current waiting time from date of order
Waiting times vary please email or call

Q Have you got a price list?
As all our products are made to order to your sizes and requirements we don't have a price list. However, most of the door pages in the website have guide prices on for single doors and frames. Click here to see more guide prices.

Q Do you have a fitting service?
We can recommend fitters for some parts of the U.K. please email your address and project details, photos of the site would be good or give us a call and we'll get a fitting estimate to you. For guide prices on fitting click here

Q Do you come out to measure?
Because we send goods all across the U.K. and parts of Europe it is not possible to measure every job. We recommend you get your carpenter/builder (whoever is going to fit) to do this for you. If you choose to use our fitting service (if available in your area) we will carry out a site survey prior to any works being undertaken

Q Are all the products made from solid woods?
Yes we only use solid woods to make our products no veneers we select highest quality kiln dried timbers. This combined with years of knowledge from our experienced craftsmen ensures our products are stable and if treated and maintained correctly will last a lifetime

Q What are engineered doors and do you sell them?
NO - Engineered wooden doors are generally mass produced usually in the far east and are constructed with either softwood or chip board cores. They are then veneered with their final timber finish, this veneer being less than 1mm thick in some cases

Q Can I have my doors, windows or gates made to my exact sizes?
Yes all our products are purpose made to order you can have any sizes you like

Q Can the door be fitted into the frame before it arrives on site?
Yes the majority of our doors and frames are now pre-hung into their frames in the workshop, we have various types of locking systems.
Pre-hanging means it is a much more simple job to fit the products on site and there is less chance of damage occurring when lock holes, letterplate apertures are cut on site - see our pre-hang page for more information

Q Can I buy my door furniture/ironmongery from you?
Yes we can supply everything you will need to complete the job including hinges, letterplates, locks etc. see our door furniture page for further information

Q Are the stormguard cills you put on the frames Part M compliant?
Yes they are lowline disabled access stormguard cills

Q Can my doors, windows be finished/coated in the workshop?
Nearly all our products leave us full factory finished by our own sprayshop. It's extremely important to finish/coat external products immediately, we offer various options including full factory finishing please see our doorcare page for further information

Q Do you supply glass with your doors and windows?
Yes we supply all our doors and windows with glass unless you ask us not to. Doors are supplied with toughened Planitherm double glazed argon filled units and windows are supplied with Planitherm double glazed units argon filled. Warm edge (thermal) spacers are also added for further energy efficiency (24mm units not 14mm). Textured and decorative glass is also available visit our glass page. Triple glazing is also available.

Q What are your payment terms?
40% deposit (of the VAT inclusive price) is payable when you place your order the balance is payable upon receipt of our proforma invoice approx. 2 weeks prior to delivery. At this point the goods will be virtually constructed, ironmongery and glass will be in or on order and as all our work is bespoke goods must be paid for before they leave our workshop. Payments can be made by bank transfer or debit and credit card.

Q How much is Delivery?
Please see our delivery page for further information

Q What is a U Value?
Simply put a U-value refers to the amount of heat transference across any structure.
U-Values are used as a way to attempt to quantify the amount of heat energy lost through the external fabric of a building across different materials. The lower a u-value, the higher the thermal efficiency of a material and the less heat loss you will experience through the material. Click here for U values on our glass.
In more technical terms the U-Value is defined as the rate of heat flow in watts (W) through an area of 1 square metre (m) for a temperature difference across the structure of 1 C degree centigrade or Kelvin (K). U-Value measurement are written as W/m2K.
U-values for glazing are broken down into two types; the centre pane U-Value for the glass material itself, known as the UG value, and the UW value which is the U-Value for the entire glazing system, including any framing, fixings etc.

Q Building Regulations?
Since 1 April 2002 building regulations have applied to all replacement glazing. The regulations apply to thermal performance and other areas such as safety, air supply, means of escape and ventilation. An external window or door is a "controlled fitting" under the Building Regulations and as a result of this classification these Regulations set out certain standards to be met when such a window or door is replaced. You could use an installer registered with a competent person scheme (BSI, CERTASS or FENSA). A registered installer will be approved to carry out the work to comply with building regulations without involving local authority building control. When work is complete you will receive a certificate showing the work was done by a registered installer. Or you could use an unregistered installer or DIY, in which case approval can be sought from the relevant Building Control Body, either at your Local Authority or an Approved Inspector. They will check the replacement window(s) or door(s) for compliance and, if satisfied, issue a certificate of compliance. We are not registered with any of the self certificating schemes as the vast majority of our work is supplying and installing to clients that are building or extending homes. These new buildings require building regulations sign off from the Local Authority, the doors and windows would be signed off as part of this.

Q What is double boarding on a door?
Double boarding means the door looks the same on the back as it does on the front this applies to boarded (T & G) doors only i.e. doors of a framed ledged construction these include angled head doors, swept head doors, glazed framed ledged doors and stable doors click here for further information and prices on double boarding



All products MUST be completely sealed before fitting
We take a great deal of care to ensure you receive the highest quality product(s) possible. However, wood is a natural product, and even the most well made products made from it should be expected to move slightly in response to changes in humidity and temperature. In the long term, this movement is likely to be minimal and barely noticeable, but in the short term (after the first winter) minor adjustment may be required to take account of 'settling in' movement. Once a product(s) leaves us we have no control over the conditions to which they are exposed and therefore we cannot accept any responsibility for 'moisture related' problems if the product is not correctly finished/protected. When installing our products in new or very recently plastered and screeded areas if they are not fully protected and treated you may experience a little swelling products should return to normal once the moisture has left them.

We highly recommend the fitting of doors be carried out as quickly as possible to avoid any twisting or warping. Our items are made from solid wood and heavy please bear this in mind when fitting, you will need at least three good quality heavy duty hinges and at least one good quality heavy duty carpenter. We will work around you and your carpenter to get the goods to you when you are ready for them to be installed. We cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused to goods because they have been stored or though improper fitting.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to seal external wood doors immediately with at least three coats before fitting do not seal only the outside. Ensure all edges are covered including the top, bottom and sides of the door, and letterbox holes etc. Any areas made bare whilst fitting will need re-finishing. If this treatment is not carried out your warranty is void.

We guarantee the quality of manufacture for 12 months beginning on the day of receiving your goods, problems associated with natural wood products are not covered in any way including movement, cracks, shakes etc. Natural variations in the colour or texture of wood are not to be considered as defects.

We shall not be liable to you in respect of any matter which results from any Act of God, war or riot, extreme weather or any events of any description which are beyond our control.

Please see our terms and conditions.

RECOMMENDED FINISHES - Click the door care finish link below

oak doors full factory finished

Sizes and design of our products is at the discretion of the customer and the customer shall provide accurate dimensions and a description of the site for which the furniture/doors/windows are to be made. We would advise if you are unsure how to measure that you ask the person who is going to install to measure for you to avoid any problems when fitting. If you are using our recommended fitter a site survey will be carried out prior to manufacture.

We require a 40% deposit upon placement of order with the balance payable upon receipt of proforma invoice approx. two weeks prior to despatch. Unfortunately as all our products are bespoke, made to measure to your exact requirements this deposit is non refundable.

Specific Requirements

Boarding/Panel Sizes
As all our doors are made to your specific sizes the number of T & G Boards may vary from the examples in the website. If you require a specific number there may be a small charge please ask. Timber panels may be wider or higher than they look in the pictures, again this depends on your sizes.

For contemporary HB and FHB doors the number and depth of boards may vary from examples in the website. Standardly we work on 13-17* boards depending on your sizes. *If a specific amount of boards is preferred please let us know upon order as there may be a surcharge for this (P.O.A)

The references on these images are there to help us identify which product you are interested in when you send your enquiry. All details will be discussed and agreed prior to you placing an order

Glazed Doors

Glass / Door Proportions
Our doors are glazed from the outside this is the traditional way for wooden doors. If you would like your door to be
glazed from the inside please state at time of order. Doors with single vision panels are glazed from the inside

The pictures in the website are for illustration only glass content and pane sizes may vary depending on your door sizes. Our experienced joiners will work out the best proportions from the door sizes you give us. If you have a specific requirement please ask.

All glazed units are individual pieces i.e. 6 pane stable door has 6 panes not one pane with bars planted on the front.

For delivery and fitting purposes glass is supplied only (pinned into place). You should get your joiner to fix it in properly with a high quality silicone, cheap silicone can be high in solvent and not suitable for use with double glazed units. Contemporary style doors are glazed in the workshop as are double boarded doors with vision panels. Please ask if you're unsure.


44mm THICK DOOR (replacement external doors)
14mm toughened Planitherm double glazed units argon filled
Prices in individual pages are based on this (44mm) option unless stated otherwise

56mm & 60mm THICK DOOR (greater energy efficiency) (this is the thickness when frame is ordered too)
Double boarded with 25mm (56mm door) 30mm (60mm door) insulation
24mm toughened Planitherm double glazed units argon filled with warm edge spacer bars
See individual door pages for details I'm currently updating the website you could email your enquiry
or come back soon if the info. isn't there yet

Where possible we like to deliver ourselves in our own van but if it isn't possible we send out with a courier company. We pack extremely well to ensure no damage occurs.

Our goods are made from solid wood throughout they are extremely heavy so the driver whether our own or a courier company MUST have help at your end. We'll give plenty of notice to ensure somebody can be there. Click here for delivery prices

For further advice please give us a call on 01352 711766 or email info@doormaker.co.uk or doormaker@btconnect.com

Terms & Conditions