Bespoke Accoya Doors

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Bespoke Accoya Doors
Accoya - Durable wooden doors that exceed all expectations Accoya delivers like no other wood. It performs better, lasts longer and holds the highest
durability classification there is. The benefits of choosing Accoya don’t stop there, with compelling thermal insulation properties and excellent
stability, meaning you door won’t shrink, swell, and jam like other doors

accoya approved manufacturer

Bespoke Accoya doors made to your requirements - wide range of colours available

accoya recommended manufacturer

These are just a few examples of doors made from Accoya.
All of the doors in the website can be made from Accoya and other woods.

Accoya (painted) 9 Pane Over 3 Flush Panel 1930s Style Door and Frame with Fully Glazed Sidelights -1930s-37
Frame Sizes: 1285mm wide x 2090mm high - Door Width: 820mm
Glass: Clear - Ironmongery: Stainless Steel
Factory Spray Paint: F&B No.26 Downpipe

accoya front doors

Accoya (painted) 9 Pane Over 3 Flush Panel 1930s Style Door and Sapele (painted) Frame with
Side Window and Toplight (Ovolo Scribe) - 1930s-42
Overall Frame Sizes: 1445mm wide x 2290mm high - Door Frame Sizes: 905mm wide x 2290mm high
Window Sizes: 540mm wide x 1445mm high
Glass: Sandblast with '110' etched in clear to toplight - Ironmongery: Stainless Steel
Factory Spray Paint DOOR: F&B No.281 Stiffkey Blue - Factory Spray Paint FRAME: F&B No.242 Pavillion Grey Accoya (painted)

accoya front door custom made

Accoya Contemporary Door - Framed Horizontal Boarded Door with Vision Light and Sapele (painted) Frame - FHB110
Frame Sizes: 895mm wide x 2205mm high
Glass: Sandblast - Ironmongery: Stainless Steel Factory Spray Painted: RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey

accoya contemporary doors

Accoya Stable Door - Six Panes and Sapele (painted) Frame - SD6-19
Frame Sizes: 880mm wide x 1900mm high
Glass: Clear - Ironmongery: Wrought Iron
Factory Spray Paint: White

accoya stable doors

Accoya Victorian Door - 2 Pane over 1 Raised and Fielded Panel (cricket bat) with Raised Moulded Beadings and
Sapele (painted) Frame c/w Glazed Toplight - VIC62
Frame Sizes: 1025mm wide x 2535mm high - Door Height: 2032mm
Ironmongery: Polished Brass - Glass: Sandblast w/ clear border to door, Clear to toplight Factory Spray Painted: F&B No.273 Wevet

accoya victorian doors

Accoya Georgian Style Door - 4 Pane over 2 Raised and Fielded Panel Door with Raised Moulded Beadings and Sapele (painted) Frame - VIC59
(Door made to look like double doors) - Frame Sizes: 1184mm wide x 2310mm high
Factory Spray Paint DOOR: F&B No.26 Downpipe - FRAME: White Glass: Sandblast with clear border - Ironmongery: Stainless Steel

accoya georgian doors


Painted doors can be made from other woods - see pictures throughout the website

Painted Products:
Actual colors may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours
and that everyone sees these colours differently. We recommend you get samples from the suppliers
(i.e. Farrow & Ball, Dulux) if you're unsure.

Brochures (pdf's)

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